Adrian Rothenfluh, Ph.D. Principle Investigator


Background: I have worked with Drosophila for over 25 years.  First, studying the bicoid morphogen at the University of Basel in Switzerland, and then as a graduate student, investigating the circadian clock at Rockefeller University in New York City.  Ever since then, I’ve been fascinated with flies’ behavior.  For my postdoc I switched coasts, to study responses to drugs of abuse in Drosophila at UCSF.

After that, I ran a lab for 9 years at UTSW, in Dallas, and then moved here to the U in the fall of 2016.  My primary appointment is in Psychiatry, but I’m also an adjunct in Human Genetics and Neurobiology & Anatomy.  I’m part of the Molecular Medicine Program, and the Neuroscience Graduate Program.

Projects: The molecular and neural mechanisms of behavior, and how it goes wrong. But see the individuals below for some specifics.

IN-takes I like include research seminars, binge-worthy Netflix offerings, home-made potato gnocchi with butter and Gruyere cheese (a lot of work, but worth it), and I like a martini, the dirtier, the better.

OUT of the lab, I like to enjoy the mountain views, and getting beaten by my kids at Clue and backyard badminton.